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  • Drivers create a new source of income

  • Advertisers reach a broader audience with a new dynamic ad solution

Bluberd, its an advertisement network designed to help existing drivers get paid more for their driving, and also help businesses meet their prospects where they are, reach areas no other out of home advertising could get to. BlueBerd digital displays, deliver beautiful and bright ads in plain daylight.

Through the BluBerd network, we are able to push your ad ad display it on groups of cars within minutes, to start promoting your next event, or special promotion for the season or the week!


  • Cover a larger areas within your same out of home budget
  • Update your ad through the network, multiple times per month
  • Track how many times your ads have been displayed
  • See the locations in which your had has been shown
  • Know how many times your ads have been scanned

BluBerd provides the ultimate control on Out of Home campaigns – Contact us TODAY to learn more.



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