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How to Get Paid While Driving

BluBerd is offering you the opportunity to JOIN THE FLOCK! Your role is key to the success of this project. BluBerd is a grassroots start-up with a lot of work ahead. However, we have a chance to partake in a special journey with a multi-billion dollar valuation at the finish line. No idea is sacred, but you can be assured that this concept will catapult us to the forefront of the tech industry.

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Learn how to get passive income while driving.
LED Displays for business advertisement


LED Displays for
Business Advertisers

Strategically attract more customers with a superior and flexible out-of-home advertisement platform. Whether you are a small mom-and-pop or a big business, get your ad displayed in areas of your choice.

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The Flight Path

Are you ready to soar?
  1. Order your LED display from our easy-to-use BluBerd checkout portal.
  2. Easy-peasy installation: Simply prep your rear window, attach the display, and plug it into the power outlet socket of your car.
  3. Simple setup: Connect to the web app, or download the mobile app, register, connect the display & start earning crypto rewards.
  4. Track your earnings on the BluBerd mobile app, chose to exclude companies you don’t support.
Sit back and enjoy great results!

The BluBerd Transparent LED Display-Miner is the New Black!

Join a flock of savvy trendsetters. Be the conversation starter. Be an Influencer!
Earn when you introduce others into the flock.

Sharp man makes passive income with LED advertisement